Narrative Liminality at the ISSN Convention in Pamplona

Members of the Narrative Liminality network will organize two panels on topics related to the network's work at the upcoming the International Society for the Study of Narrative's Convention in Pamlona, Spain, May 30 and June 1, 2019. The two panels will focus be:

  • "Between Narrative and Data" with three presentations:

    • "Half Data, Half Literature: Catalog Rhetoric as Narratively Liminal Form" (Sebastian M. Herrmann)

    • "Evolutionary Narrative and the Data Sublime" (James Dorson)

    • "Data, Narrative, and Privilege: Self-Quantification and the Agency to (Re-)Count" (Regina Schober)

  • "Narrative and Play: Exchanges, Interfaces, Borderlands" with four participants:

    • "'This game is not meant for you': HBO’s Westworld at the Crossroads of Narrative and Play" (Katja Kanzler)

    • "Play by Paratext: Television Narration, Seriality, and Interactivity" (Maria Sulimma)

    • "Choose Your Own Identity: Playful Life Writing in the Autobiography of Neil Patrick Harris" (Stefan Schubert)

    • "'It's Not a Happy Game': Black Mirror’s Bandersnatch, Netflix, and the Politics of Transmedial Play" (Sophie Spieler)

In addition to these panels, Michaela Beck will give a presentation on "Repetition, Rhythm, 'Lyric Progression': Lyrical Strategies in 'We' Narratives."

Taken together there will be a total number of six presentation by members of the Narrative Liminalities network, and a total number eight liminalities-inspired contributions.